The WiFi AirTime Calculator

The WiFi AirTime Calculator

Welcome to the WiFi Airtime Calculator

The WiFi AirTime Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that visualizes a TXOP in both microseconds and in a bar graph.
There are four different scenarios, two for non-HT (ODFM)/HT/VHT and two for HE. Or in other words, two for 802.11a/n/ac and two for 802.11ax.

Input values in the spreadsheet are all input values a client (STA) needs to set up a transmission in a TXOP. For the 802.11a/n/ac scenarios, the TXOP is in both directions. The 802.11ax scenarios are only a TXOP for DL OFDMA.

It is only for WiFi in the 5GHz band. The 802.11a/n/ac scenarios have the ability to calculate 20/40/80 MHz channel width, while the 802.11ax scenarios calculate only a 20MHz wide channel.

This spreadsheet is freely available to the WiFi Community and feedbacks in the form of improvements and any possible wrong calculations are welcome.


This is version 1 of this spreadsheet and it will evolve over time.
Especially the scenarios for 802.11ax. Version 1 of this spreadsheet is based on how I have interpreted  IEE802.11ax draft 4.0

The WiFi AirTime Calculator, version 1