Keep Your Basic WiFi Knowledge Warm

In our eagerness to learn new stuff all the time it is sometimes useful to have the basic WiFi knowledge repeated.

I do, approximately once a year, listen or look through some webinars/podcasts/presentations which are available online. This is nice to do when I’m driving between locations.

This is my personal list. These topics are also available in other places too and the list could have been longer.

Each item is described with some remarks, but there are not any hyperlinks because they can change randomly

Basic 802.11 knowledge
— Jerome Henry from CiscoLive on-demand library
— “CCNA Wireless, master the 802.11 protocol”
— Try this link

Tips for optimizing WLAN for small and mobil devices
— Jerome Henry from Ciscolive on-demand library
— “Optimize your WLAN for small and mobil devices”
— Try this link

RRM (Radio Resource Management)
— Blake Krone from WLPC US Phoenix 2018
— “RRM and You

Channel Widths, OBSS
— Devin Akin on Cleartosend podcast, episode 84
— “CTS 084: Channel Widths with Devin Akin
— Note: WifiNinjas does also have a similar podcast with Devin. The unique item is TxBF

Roaming and Protocol Analysis
— Peter Mackenzie on the WifiNinjas podcast, two episodes
— “Protocol Analysis Talk with Peter Mackenzie” “part 2

Understanding WLAN Capacity
— Darrel DeRosia from WLPC US Phoenix 2017
— “Understanding WLAN Capacity Limits

Voice over Wifi, also something on DFS Channels
— Andrew McHale on the WiFiNinjas podcast
— “Voice over WiFi with Andrew McHale

I think this is a good start. There are others who also could have been on this list but I had to end it somewhere. I apologize to those who think they should have been there.

In the end, I will also mention one document/paper I also return to

— White paper from Marcus Burton on
— “802.11 Arbitration

Closing remarks
This is the videos/podcast/presentations I listen through to have a recap of the basic items of 802.11/WiFi protocol/features

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