APoS with WlanPi SpeedTest Services

This is a method of having a SpeedTest service available during AP on a stick survey (APoS), with only an AP, PoE battery, and a WlanPi available

This is probably described earlier, but I do it anyway

I have often done APoS survey with a Cisco AP configured with Mobility Express, a Ventev Venvolt PoE battery, and the WiFi Stand for the AP setup. And measured the RSSI in the area with NetAlly Aircheck G2 or an Android smartphone ala Samsung S10 with the WiFi Analyzer app from Farproc.
With this setup, I am only able to measure the RSSI and nothing more.

For fun I begin thinking on having a SpeedTest service available too. Both for the survey and having a simple solution to show other people who are curious about what I am doing. And for self-education by checking throughput values when the RSSI drops or increases.

The simplest setup is with the AP, the PoE battery and a WlanPi

  • The Cisco AIR-AP 2802i with Mobility Express image connected to the 802.3 af/at output on the battery with a straight through cable
  • The WlanPi ethernet interface connected to the Ethernet IN on the battery with a straight through cable
  • The WlanPi OTG interface connected to the USB output on the battery with a USB cable

Just like this:

The Cisco AIR-AP 2802 have a Mobility Express image and have these configuration settings

I think the main configuration tips for having the APs DHCP server to hand out ip addresses both to connected wireless clients and devices connected to the AP ethernet interface is to configure the DHCP server with enabled “Management Network” in the DHCP pool setup and no “VLAN Tagging” under WLAN/ VLAN& Firewall
With this setup, the WlanPi receives ip address from the APs DHCP-server.
Next is to connect a smartphone or likewise to the WLAN SSID. You will probably get a message telling you there is no internet connection because there is no internet connection. Just keep the setup, start a browser and connect to the ip address of the WlanPi.

The WlanPi could look like this, version 1.9.1 [WLPC]

And the webpage of the WlanPi will look like this:

Now it is possible to do a SpeedTest from the wireless client, through the AP, to the SpeedTest service on the WlanPi, without any internet connection available

Not very fancy, but nice to know

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